Orders & Invoicing

We make it easy for you.

Beside the customer invoice being sent in HTML in each order transaction, the purchase receipt includes a PDF attachment. LogisticArt enables you to generate PDF on demand for your internal use. You may select one or many order records to have LogisticArt create PDFs for, in one fell swoop. For those customers who call on you to supply the receipt of a specific order, LogisticArt also enables you to click the, “ Send receipt to Customer” tool. Simply find the customer order click-- and you’re done!

Search for Order Transaction:

Researching historical transactions through any computer system can be daunting in the middle of a busy day. LogisticArt provides an intuitive customer order search tool to help find an order transaction swiftly-- almost making it a joy to hunt down order issues for quick recovery.

The components of an order transaction that can be searched are; customer name and phone number; order number to date ranges; orders made of specific SKUs. addresses and zip code demographics.