Highly Integrated UPS and USPS Module & Secure PCI-DSS Compliant Processing of Credit Card Transactions.

The shipping phase in the LogisticArt Module for order Checkout, is highly integrated with UPS and USPS.  If your firm has negotiated shipping rates with your provider, LogisticArt ties to those price profiles-- live during each order.

Also during checkout, LogisticArt merchant service connection is live with a proactive integration to your proprietary merchant account. The variables available by your provider to verify and charge credit cards are seamlessly piped through while data management is PCI-DSS compliant.

Payment gateway services are also provided by LogisticArt that include fraud protection, and auto billing services for those regular monthly fixed cost transactions to your customers...

  • Live shipping costs UPS & USPS
  • Live payment gateway to your merchant account
  • Sales tax rate by district
  • Add/edit unlimited ship-to and/or dropship addresses
  • Add/edit multiple credit cards per customer (PCI-DSS compliant)
  • Order review