CRM / EAM Role Based Logistic Management Application

Robust Multi-Layered Network Security

For over a decade, we have taken an aggressive approach to securing LogisticArt’s public hosting environment. In addition to the unsurpassed Solaris OS, our entire network is positioned behind award-winning redundant firewall appliances… Our network is staged in a custom-designed, SAS 70 Type II HIPPA certified data center.

Dynamic Logistic Administrative Control

Vacilitate multiple divisions and employees to manage daily tasks as each person has been allocated certain authority per job function. LogisticArt® has a user management module utility allowing the administrator to add users and grant or deny them to have access to various module tools and data Manage inventory assets; and client/customer; Configure modular settings for payment gateway, shipping accounts…

Intuitive, Fast & Ergonomic Order Entry Portal

Order entry functionality where entering orders from start to finishing may be completed entirely within one screen. Excellent operation performance for call centers, and doctor offices where accuracy and time efficiency is of the most importance. Customer’s module enables your client/customer to place their own orders which are then reported to one or more of your distribution centers.

focus on what’s important, simple, innovative

Increase order entry rate and reduce errors while increasing your bottom line.

Application Summary

Our dear clients all of them are satisfied

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